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Floris Neusüss (German, 1937- )

Floris Neusüss studied printmaking before turning to photography. His teachers included Oberhoff, Seewald, Hajek-Halke, and Lortz. Influenced by the abstract and constructivist works of Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray's surrealist images, Neusüss makes life-sized photograms using his own body. He further departs from the conventional photogram by developing his images using a brush, sponge, or rag dipped into developer and then wiped across the paper to produce a controlled, painterly plane. Neusüss does not fix his prints, allowing his works to constantly change colors over the years. He recently retired as Professor in Experimental Photography, University of Kassel, where he has taught since 1971.
- Virginia Lee Lierz

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