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Doing Business with DCA

The Department of Cultural Affairs purchases a wide variety of products and services ranging from cars, trucks and bookmobiles, to architectural services, and museum exhibits, to laboratory equipment, office supplies, and information technology support systems and services.

As an Agency of the State of New Mexico, the Department of Cultural Affairs is subject to all laws governing state agencies. As a department of the executive branch of New Mexico state government, DCA's purchases and contracts must ensure that each dollar is spent fairly and transparently in accordance with the New Mexico Procurement Code. It does so by working closely with and following guidelines of the General Services Department and its State Purchasing Division and the the Department of Finance and Administration and its Contract Review Bureau.

Through fair and open competition, the State Purchasing Division ensures compliance with the State Procurement Code for all purchases made by the executive branch agencies, as well establishing state-wide pricing agreements for use by multiple State Agencies and other Governmental New Mexico entities.

Invitations to Bid/Requests for Proposals/Requests for Information

Periodically, DCA issues requests for proposals or invitations to bid from qualified vendors. When available, active requests appear on this page.

Request for Proposals

NHCC Welcome Center Torreon Improvements

The National Hispanic Cultural Center is seeking sealed proposals to establish a contract through competitive negotiations for the purchase of Design Professional Services of a Welcome Center. The Welcome Center envisioned for this Project is intended to better facilitate visitor experience by creating a centralized location for purchasing tickets and obtaining event and exhibition information, as well as improve public access to the fresco contained in the Torreón. The vestibule to the Torreon envisioned for this Project is intended to protect and preserve the fresco artwork inside from shifts in air pressure, temperature and outside elements. .

The procurement is being managed by the General Services Department as RFP 60-505-16-08464 and is available at

All proposals must be received by September 2, 2016.

New Mexico Sunshine Portal

The Department of Cultural Affairs, like all agencies within New Mexico State Government makes information about its business practices available through the New Mexico Sunshine Portal, the official transparency and accountability portal for New Mexico state government. The portal contains information about government spending, budgets, revenues, employees, contracts and more.